Parrots & Eagles: An Ecosystem Parable

When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.

  • 7 Big Mistakes I Made as an Entrepreneur with Zero Experience
  • How I got funding with just one email and so can you.
  • I just launched my company — here are the 10 rules of startup success.
  • 6 lessons I learned from trying to sell my company
  • First-Timers and Wannabe-Entrepreneurs
    … who are hyper engaged on social media. where everyone looks like they’re “killin’ it”
  • Cut-and-Paste Gurus
    … People who are trying to establish themselves as “thought leaders” -by reposting and pasting random [series of bullets — advice] — — you can tell by their staccato linkedin posts .. where quantity seems to trump quality.
  • Faux-Community Leaders
    … People who have never built a successful company. Their main qualification seems to be that they have lots of free time to “lead.” And they constantly use social media to maintain their presence as a “leader.”
  • Charming Cheerleaders
    … and well-meaning, well-wishers. Always wanting to be positive, they celebrate every post and piece of advice, giving encouragement and kudos to even the most trite Wannabes and Gurus.

Eagles in the Ecosystem

  • Post, reply, comment — and call-out bad advice when you see it.
  • Validate and reinforce good advice, solid ideas, products, and companies;
  • and RISK — being seen as the curmudgeon — even if you have to be the first to say “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”



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CJ Cornell

CJ Cornell

Professor of #Entrepreneurship & Digital Media. Serial/Parallel Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Angel Investor, #VC. Crowdfunding & #Startups Evangelist